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Company Overview

R2R Intermodal is a solution-based business that was created with the idea of using technology to add value for our clients who struggle with coordinating and executing their intermodal operations. Having experienced these issues firsthand, we launched a business that uses the best aspects of today’s technology to help ease and simplify the logistical experience. Since the beginning we have been developing the technology and marrying it with our experience to help our clients reduce the time, effort, and costs associated with operating an intermodal supply chain.

Our goal is to increase value by reducing cost, creating a user-friendly interface so you can access your information anytime day or night, and to streamline the intermodal process as much as possible. In addition, we have designed our software to serve our clients’ needs, by finding problems before they happen and coming up with solutions to make sure their shipments get to their destination safely and on time.

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What we can do for you


The mission of R2R Intermodal, Inc. is to provide reliable, low-cost truck transportation services to clients who are focused on value and reducing the complexity of operating an intermodal supply chain. We are committed to our clients' success by providing innovative web-based tools to ensure your intermodal needs are met by adding ease to every step of the intermodal process.


Our vision is to be the safest and most innovative trucking company possible, by offering the service that is best-in-class for quality, reliability and overall value.

Our Promise

To offer services that ease your intermodal experience with knowledgeable staff, experienced drivers, and using cloud technology so you can get quotes, track shipments, and place your orders anytime day or night. In addition, we promise to conduct our business in a lawful and socially responsible manner. Safety on the public highways and in the workplace is our number one priority.


R2R is a rapidly growing business and we are always taking applications for truckers and internal staff. We offer competitive wages, rate per mile, and bonuses. We encourage you to submit a cover letter and resume today to become part of the R2R family.

For all owner operators, please visit www.driveR2R.com for rates, benefits, and other driver information.